Dive Site Reviews of selected scuba diving sites from Grand Cayman. Reviews provide an overview of the dive site, a look at what you will expect to find on the dive site including photographs taken on the sites. The reviews also provide a rating covering several aspects of the dive using a 1 to 5 rating scale and then computing the overall score of each dive site.  The key elements in the scoring algorithm include:

 Rating Category Description
 AccessIf you cannot get there you cannot dive.  This may seem simple enough but ease of access to a site can be a prime motivator in actually diving on the site.  There are many of us that will go out-of-the-way to get to a specific site, but if a site is easy to reach and great, you will not hear me complain a bit.
 DepthIf it is too deep, access will be limited to very few divers.
 VisibilityIf you cannot see it, you might as well be diving in your bathtub.  Visibility varies substantially but a minimum of visibility is typically needed to both find interesting marine life, shipwrecks, etc., and to being able to safely enter and exit the dive site.
 CurrentIn drift diving current is something that can be quite interesting.  However, in most situations the stronger the  current the more experience a diver needs to be able to safely enjoy a site and protect themselves and the local the marine life.
 Marine Species VarietyOne is the loneliest number… If you only see a very limited type of fish, coral or marine animal, you could do better going to the aquarium.  However, if that one that you do see is a Humpback Whale or a Tiger Shark, then the one is perfect….  I am not as concerned about species variety but whether the marine species is interesting and what can I learn about it.  On some night dives I may spend most of my time following a very limited number of marine species.
 Reef HealthIf it is dead then it is not a lot of fun.  Other than for documentary or scientific research purposes a dead reef or waterway does not make a great dive.  Life and the abundance of life will make any site more interesting and enjoyable.

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North Wall

Dive SiteRating
Andes Wall4.25
Bonnies Arch4.25
Chinese Wall3.10
Eagle Ray Pass4.00
Gail’s Mountain3.90
Leslie’s Curl3.75
No Name Wall3.80
Penny’s Arch4.20
Stingray City3.00
Tarpon Alley3.10

East End

Dive SiteRating

West Side

Dive SiteRating
Angelfish Reef3.13
Big Tunnels3.99
Cemetery Reef2.75
Doc Poulson3.36
Dragon’s Hole2.70
Lonestar Ledges2.90
Orange Caynon3.50
Oro Verde3.40
USS Kittiwake4.13

South Side

Dive SiteRating