What are the best regulators for Scuba Diving? What regulators are rated highly but are still reasonably economical? What is the best scuba diving regulator for my type of diving? These may be some of the many questions you think about when looking into a new regulator for scuba diving. The good news is that the quality of regulators has improved dramatically over the last several years and there are now a number of high quality regulators to choose from in the marketplace. The key differences include how easy it is to breath under a variety of conditions and depths, does the regulator stay dry under a variety of conditions and positions and finally how comfortable is the regulator in different diving positions.

Best Regulators (Steven W Smeltzer)
Vintage Carthaginian II

When considering each of these factors I have listed a number of great regulators that pass these tests with flying colors and can meet the demands of most divers. As an underwater photographer I expect my equipment to perform at a high-level over hundreds of dives in a variety of conditions and provide a high degree of comfort. I am personally using a ScubaPro MK25/600 and love this regulator. ScubaPro has consistently delivered very high-quality higher end regulators that can meet the demands of any professional and serious amateur diver. That said I think you review the regulators below and find one that will perform well and meet your individual needs.

Scuba diving regulators have a wide range in prices from the Scuabpro MK2EVO/195 for $363.00 to the ScubaPro MK25 EVO/A700 Black Tech for $1,172.00. Take the time to review the features and capabilities of each of the “best regulators” to choose the one right for your scuba diving needs. Feel free to send me an email if you have questions.

Scuba Diving Best Regulators Reviews

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Under $500







Over $500


CRESSI Master T10 SC


MARES Fusion 52X




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Regulators Under $500

ScubaPro MK2 EVO R195

Best Regulators (Steven W Smeltzer)

The first of the best regulators under $500 is the ScubaPro MK2 EVO/R195. It is the perfect go-anywhere reg for divers looking for simplicity and reliability at a price that won’t bust the budget.

The MK2 EVO comes with the patent-pending Extended Thermal Insulating System (XTIS) that lets you enjoy an ultra-fast breathing response and maximum airflow with minimal effort — regardless of how cold the water is. The XTIS makes this possible by fully isolating the mechanical elements of the first stage from the cold, increasing freezing resistance by an average of 50 percent over the previous MK2 first stage. Key Features include:

  • Chrome-plated brass body is 3.5mm smaller than its predecessor but houses an oversized piston by 1.6mm that provides better breat ing performance by increasing airflow by 15 percent.
  • Stainless steel removable orifice allows for easier maintenance while extending regulator life.
  • Available in either 3364psi/232bar INT or 4350psi/300bar DIN configurations.
  • Meets new EN250-2014 standards for cold-water breathing performance.
  • Weight: INT 232 (oz/g): 24.9oz/706g; /DIN 300 (oz/g): 16.0oz/454g.
  • Airflow at 2900psi/200bar (l/m/SCFM): 3000/106.
  • Intermediate pressure (psi/bar): 123-142/8.5-9.8.

R195 Second Stage:

  • Classic downstream valve comes with a VIVA switch to control free flows.
  • Metal valve housing is built rugged and increases overall reliability.
  • Super-flow hose features larger inner diameter to increase airflow.
  • Reversible hose attachment makes it easy to use on deco tanks.
  • Ultra-comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece is easy to grip yet doesn’t inhibit airflow.
  • Weight: 7.0oz/198g.
  • Airflow at 2900psi/200bar: 1400 l/min – 50 SCFM.
  • Maximum low pressure: 203psi/14bar.

Scubapro introduced the MK2 first stage back in 1963, and it has earned a reputation for smooth performance and the reliability of an anvil. The latest EVO version has a smaller body and larger piston for more-sensitive response, and it is also rated for cold water. The second stage is based upon a design that was created more than 20 years ago. However, nothing about this regulator’s performance is out of date. In ANSTI tests it was rated excellent at recreational depth, and very good throughout the range of depths and breathing rates. The MK2 EVO/R195 also won ScubaLab’s Best Buy for 2015.

$392.00 Buy Now

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Mares Prestige 15X

Compact, reliable, and performance are the key words for describing the new Mares first stage. Featuring the DFC system, it meets all divers demands at any depth. The new valve guarantees longevity and advanced performance. A medium-size second stage is made of ultralight techno-polymer. The large purge button is effortless to use while wearing gloves. The VAD system delivers excellent and natural breathing at any depth. The superflex hose is light and flexible for maximum comfort.

Best Regulators (Steven W Smeltzer)
MARES Prestige 15X

The Mares Prestige 15X is available in both DIN or A-Clamp (international) fittings and is more than up to the requirements for recreational scuba diving and would make a perfect traveling companion as well as a first time regulator purchase.

Compact, reliable, and performance are the key words for describing the Mares 15X first stage. The improved positioning of the four Low Pressure and two High Pressure ports, all pre-oriented, also ensures better hose distribution. This valve from Mares has been designed with longevity and advanced performance in mind. The ACT valve guarantees the utmost reliability and safety, even after extended periods of use. Mares’ DFC system assures advanced performance at any depth.

The Mares Prestige 15X is available in both DIN or A-Clamp (international) fittings and is more than up to the requirements for recreational scuba diving and would make a perfect traveling companion as well as a first time regulator purchase.

The Mares 15X is designed as a compact, reliable regulatory for the recreational diver.

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Best Regulators (Steven W Smeltzer)

The nicely finished MX100 has lustrous chrome on the first stage, a braided hose, and an abrasion-resistant finish on the purge cover. The large, triangular purge cover is rigid and a little stiff in the center, but just a touch along one of the corners clears the reg easily. The MX100 performs very good at recreational depth and good to up to 200 feet.

The Venturi lever is well marked, effective and easy to operate, even though it’s small and tucked in out of the way. The exhaust ports on the MX100 are quite short and curve in along the bottom, which helps make the second stage very compact and light but also allow a little extra bubble interference when in a vertical position.

Key Features include:

  • First stage material: Shiny chrome-plated brass
  • First stage features: balanced membrane, total insulation from outside, simplicity during maintenance
  • Second stage material: techno-polymers, elastomers, and covered with Luxury Technology treatment for abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Second stage features: the new lever ensure the reduction of friction, making inhalation more fluid and linear
  • New frontal ring nut design with 4 slots to guarantee greater thermal exchange, optimizing performance in cold water as well
  • The side slots on the cover prevent free flow even under conditions of strong frontal currents (OWS System)
  • Possible to regulate the Venturi effect (Dive/Pre-Dive)
  • 2 HP Outlets: and 4 LP Outlets

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Scuba Diving Best Regulators Reviews


Best Regulators (Steven W Smeltzer)
CRESSI Compact Pro MC9 – SC

The Cressi Compact Pro MC9-SC (SEAL CHAMBER) has a 1ST stage which is environmentally sealed, protecting it against icing in cold water. This also protects against contamination from particulate matter in silty conditions. When paired with the Ellipse Balanced second stage, which includes an internal heat exchanger. The small and lightweight 2nd stage help reduce jaw fatigue and in-water drag. Cressi has pulled out all the stops with this new Pro version of the XS Compact, providing a regulator which is ideal for traveling as well as suitable for diving in the coldest waters.

The XS Compact has a tiny lightweight second stage, which is easy on the jaw and is paired with an environmentally sealed MC9- SC (for “sealed chamber”) first stage rated for cold-water use. IT has a large, soft, easy-touch purge cover, and a Venturi switch that’s well marked and located on the top of the mouthpiece, where it’s easy to reach and operate. Key features include:

  • Hyper-balanced, sealed chamber first stage
  • 2 x HP ports and 4 x LP ports
  • Adjustable venturi assisted second stage
  • Brass body electroless Nickel plated
  • Replaceable cylinder with anti-friction and anti-corrosion properties
  • Flow rate 4500 L/min
  • Compact shape reduces weight and in-water drag
  • Easy to clear as nearly all the face acts as the purge button
  • Streamlined exhaust tee directs bubbles to the side of face.
  • Lightweight construction; Weight without hose 140gr
  • EN250/2000 certification for cold water

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Best Regulators (Steven W Smeltzer)

Another of the best regulators is the Tusa RS-790. It includes the R-700 which is a balanced diaphragm first stage designed for cold-water use, it features a dry ambient pressure chamber that prevents water contact with the diaphragm maximizing performance in temperate water conditions below 50°F/10°C. Additionally, the R-700 has an external rib section that nearly doubles the surface area for thermal exchange further reducing ice formation that can lead to freeze up in extreme conditions. The R-700 has two high pressure ports and four low pressure ports including two high flow (HF) that deliver up to a 15% increase in air flow. It is available in both INT (yoke) and DIN versions.

The Tusa RS-790 also includes the S-90 second stage which is a compact pneumatically balanced system. The second state features a composite housing which insulates and protects under extreme cold-water conditions. The S-90 is equipped with a built-in venturi adjustment lever allowing the diver to select a surface or minimum setting reducing possible free flow or a dive setting for maximum air flow during the dive.

The RS790 has excellent performance at a normal breathing rate at recreational depth, and very good performance at depths up to 200 feet. The second stage is light enough to be quite comfortable in the mouth and has a purge cover that is soft and large enough that it’s easy to reach and operate. It can bit a bit strong so you will want to be careful as you purge to avoid an unwanted blast of air. While there’s a limited turn in the Venturi lever it proves to be quite adequate to prevent free flowing on the surface. Key features include:

  • Dry Ambient Pressure Chamber
  • Ideal For Cold Water Environments
  • High Flow Ports
  • Two high flow low pressure ports, two standard LP ports and 2 HP ports.
  • Pneumatically Balanced System
  • Venturi Adjustment Lever

$469.95 Buy Now

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Best Regulators (Steven W Smeltzer)

Over the past 40+ years, SEAC has built a strong reputation relying on quality, innovation and cutting-edge designs. The DX 200 series is a good combination for those who want maximum performance, as well as a lightweight, versatile and reliable second stage. The lightweight balanced-diaphragm first stage provides reliable performance even at great depths and low tank pressures. This ultra-high performance 1st stage has been manufactured using “Luxury Technology” to make it remarkably resistant to abrasion.

The new DX200 is easy to breath and provides a wide range of adjustment. The Venturi control is well marked, easy to operate and effective at blocking free-flows. The DX200’s purge cover is a large and allows good control. A gentle push on one of the corners provides an easy clearing of the reg without an overly strong blast. The glossy purge cover and satin-finish metal surrounding it give the reg a refined appearance. The DX200 is rated very good across the board at all test depths. The barrel on the balanced diaphragm first stage doesn’t swivel, but the four low-pressure ports are angled at 20 and 30 degrees for additional hose-routing options.

Key features:

  • First stage material: forged brass with sanded chrome finish
  • High-performance balanced diaphragm
  • Second stage material: technopolymers, elastomers, with components in metal and cover with Luxury Technology treatment for abrasion and scratch resistance.
  • Second stage features: possibility to regulate both respiratory exertion and the Venturi effect.
  • HP outlets: 2 • LP outlets: 4, of which 2 inclined at 20° and 2 inclined at 30°.

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Best Regulators (Steven W Smeltzer)
AQUALUNG Core Supreme

The last of the best regulators under $500 is the Aqua Lung Core. This new mid-range regulator from Aqua Lung is available in two versions. The regular Core version and the Core Supreme. The Core Supreme is rated for use in water 50 degrees below zero and comes with an environmentally sealed first stage. Otherwise the two versions appeared identical. The CORE regulator’s amazing breathing, which is rated as “superior” on the ANSTI breathing machine, coupled with its generous features, at an attractive mid-range price, provides one of the best values of any regulator offered today. The CORE comes standard with Aqua Lung’s unique, patented, auto-closure device (ACD) which seals water out.

Like the other regulators in this price range, the Cores’ only user control is a Venturi lever which is well positioned and easy to grip with or without gloves. The Venture is good for blocking free-flows although having the markings “MIN” and “MAX” on the top of the second stage would make them more visible. According to ScubaLab, they are the only regulators under $500.00 to be rated excellent throughout the range-of-breathing rates and depths. The Aqua Lung Core/Core Supreme regulators were ScubaLabs Testers Choice for regulators under $500. Key features include:

  • Auto Closure Device (ACD) – keeps corrosive water out of the first stage inlet by automatically closing as the CORE is removed from the cylinder valve
    • This prevents internal lubrication from washing away
    • Safer for elevated percentages of oxygen
  • The balanced diaphragm first stage provides superior, consistent performance
  • The pneumatically-balanced second stage results in smooth, easy breathing
  • Available in yoke (3300 psi / 232 bar max) or din (4350 psi / 300 bar max)
  • The T-shape of the first stage optimizes the location of the 4 MP ports and 2 HP ports
  • Uses parts that are common to other Aqua Lung models for easier servicing
  • The easy-to-grip venturi lever prevents unwanted freeflow at the surface while giving a performance boost at depth
  • A heat exchanger (patented) which surrounds the valve mechanism, dissipates the cold caused by gas expansion while drawing in the warmth of the ambient water
  • Compatible with EAN 40 new, out of the box
  • Equipped with Aqua Lung’s patented Comfo-bite™ mouthpiece along with a reusable mouthpiece clamp
  • The Supreme cold water version is resistant to freezing when diving in waters colder than 50°F / 10°C
  • The Supreme version is equipped with an environmental dry chamber on the first stage and a lip shield on the second stage.

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Best Regulators Over $500

Cressi Master T10 SC

Best Regulators (Steven W Smeltzer)
CRESSI Master T10 SC

The Cressi T10-SC delivers performance, ergonomic reliability, and ease of maintenance making this regulator a product for true diving professionals. Instructors, guides, dive operators, and researchers will all find a regulator that can meet their needs.

The first stage stands out from the range of Cressi balanced diaphragm regulators because the mechanism is arranged on an axis perpendicular to the axis of air entry, creating a “T” shape. The advantages of this design includes better arrangement of the hoses and less space occupied. The regulator is remarkably easy to inspect and access the mechanism to improve maintenance and calibration operations. The T10 Master uses a larger, high-efficiency conical filter. The marine brass metal body is protected on the surface by a special treatment called PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), which compared to traditional chrome coatings is exceptionally resilient to the mechanical and chemical wear caused by dives.

The SC designation on this model of the new T10 stands for “sealed chamber,” signifying the environmentally sealed diaphragm first stage that’s rated for cold water. The T10’s second stage has a wide, elliptical diaphragm with a titanium trim piece around the purge and a large, knurled, metallic breathing-adjustment knob. All that metalwork gives it a somewhat beefy look, but test divers found that the second stage is actually quite lightweight and easy on the jaw. It provides easy breathing in swimming position, dry-air delivery in any position, ease of clearing, and effectiveness of the breathing adjustment thanks to an oversize, “grippy” knob. In ANSTI testing, the Cressi T10-SC received excellent scores for ease of breathing at all depths and breathing rates. Editor’s pick from SportDiver.

Key features:

  • Weight: 32.7 oz (927 g)
  • Lightweight Jacketed 3/8″ Threaded Low Pressure (LP) Hose
  • First Stage: Cressi T10-SC
  • Hyper-Balanced Diaphragm Design
  • Inherently Environmentally Sealed
  • Secondary Diaphragm: Special Seal Chamber Completely Isolates Spring Chamber from Water
  • 2-HP Ports 7/16″ Thread
  • 4-LP Ports 3/8″ Thread
  • Lightweight PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Treated Brass Body
  • Self-Lubricating Internal Coating
  • “T” Shape for Better Hose Routing and Compact Profile
  • High-Efficiency Nickel-Plated Bronze Conical Filter
  • Second Stage: Cressi Master Ellipse
  • Pneumatically Balanced Second Stage Design
  • Enlarged Diaphragm
  • Adjustable Breathing Effort
  • Venturi Dive/Pre-Dive Switch
  • Patented Low-Friction Lever
  • Noise-Absorbing Techno Polymer Body

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Zeagle F8

Zeagle’s new flagship regulator leverages the company’s heritage (“F8” is a nod to the long-running Flathead regulator series), but with a different look and feel oriented as much toward comfort as performance.

The F8 1st stage has a dry-sealed spring chamber (to stop freezing at water temperatures below 40 degrees F). All delicate parts of the 1st stage including the main spring are sealed behind the clear hydrostatic diaphragm away from the effects of salt or other contaminants in the water, making it environmentally sealed. It is very low in profile, barely extending above the tank valve, and places the low pressure hoses directly out to the sides, in a pattern preferred by many divers.

The second stage is compact and light, with smooth edges and soft parts. The purge cover, which takes up the whole front of the reg, is soft and rubbery, the breathing adjustment knob is a full inch in diameter and ringed with soft rubber, and the Venturi lever is one of the easiest to reach and operate on any of the regulators featured here. Where the sprocket-like heat sink connects to the second stage, fingers are protected from scrapes by the wide, soft hose cover. Divers noticed this attention to ergonomics, and that earned the F8 top ergonomic scores by ScubaLabs. The Zeagle F8 was also rated as the Best Buy among regulators over $500 by ScubaLabs.

Key features:

  • Balanced diaphragm design and the environmentally sealed ambient chamber ensure top performance in any condition.
  • Redesigned environmental seal cap and yoke knob enhance ergonomics & design aesthetics.
  • Percision machined neoflon seat harder more reliable material, keeping you diving longer.
  • New inhalation diaphragm provides superior tear strength and improved response time to breathing (super soft silicone molded over a low friction disk).
  • Improved exhaust valve ensures dryness and a lower exhalation effort.
  • Seat-saving orifice, compliments of Atomic Aquatics, retracts when not in use – extending the life of the breathing tube seat.
  • Seat comprised of soft silicone molded over a metal insert to deliver the firmness required for an airtight seal while maintaining the necessary elasticity to prevent leaking.
  • Redesigned front cover and inhalation effort control knob use co-molded components that provide the necessary grip, soft touch and ease of use. Available in several color kits
  • Zirconium-plated inlet tube and heat sink for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Redesigned heat sink dramatically increases surface area, aiding in the heat exchange necessary to avoid freeze-up.
  • Co-molded silicone mouthpiece for better fit and less jaw fatigue

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Mares Fusion 52X

Mares Fusion 52X

Mares calls this “a radical departure” from other regulators. The Mares Fusion 52X Regulator is comprised of the compact top performer MR52X First Stage with the radical Fusion 52X second stage. The Fusion 52X second stage incorporates a double DFC system that provides a consistent flow of air at any depth, even when breathing simultaneously from both the primary second stage and the octopus. The natural convection channel (NCC) system and the design of the Abyss Second Stage with more metal on the front cover, allows this combination to achieve very high performance in cold water. The NCC System increases cold water performance by creating a flow of water across the regulator. The flow is driven by the change of density in water with temperature.

The Fusion’s unique design elements include the long, curved air-bypass tube to the mouthpiece, a purge cover that’s hinged like a trap door, and a rotating air control on the hose fitting that the manual says “works like a motorcycle throttle” — twist forward for less, back for more. Performance in ANSTI testing was impressive, with the Fusion 52X recording one of the lowest work-of-breathing ratings.

Key features:

  • Hose: 3/8″ Thread High Flow Superflex 29.5″ (75 cm)
  • Weight: 40.95oz (1,161g)
  • First Stage Features:
  • Balanced Diaphragm
  • Double DFC System
  • Natural Convection Channel (NCC) System
  • NCC System Increases Cold Water Performance
  • Pre-Oriented Pressure Ports
  • Material: Satin Chrome Plated Marine Brass
  • A.C.T. Advanced Coating Tri-Material Valve Technology
  • 4 LP and 2 HP Ports
  • Second Stage Features:
  • Fusion 52X Second Stage
  • Downstream Demand Valve
  • Vortex Assist Design (V.A.D.) System
  • Compact and Ergonomic Exhaust Tee
  • Soft Hypoallergenic Silicone Mouthpiece

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ScubaPro MK25 EVO/G260

When you team SCUBAPRO’s flagship first stage with an air-balanced second stage engineered to excel in harsh, cold-water conditions, what you get is a regulator system that any hard-core recreational or technical diver can confidently take on any dive, anywhere in the world, and be assured of rock-solid performance and outstanding reliability.

Scubapro MK25 EVO G260

The ScubaPro MK25 EVO/G260 has a rugged, matte-black-and-metal second stage and performance cred, giving this regulator a “just-for-techies” vibe. It backed that up in ANSTI testing, showing excellent ratings at all depths and breathing rates, recording the lowest work-of-breathing scores at recreational depth, and delivering air effectively even at a torturous 75-liter-per-minute breathing rate down to 240 feet. Divers will find found nothing muscle-bound about its in-water performance, where it has been described as “super smooth”. Divers will like the regulator’s effective Venturi and breathing-adjustment controls, and its just-right purge, but what they will love is that smooth, effortless breathing.

The regulator has high ergonomic scores in every category except head-down position, where divers rated it just good for ease of breathing and dry air.

The ScubaPro MK25 EVO/G260 was the Testers Choice by ScubaLab’s for 2015.

Key features:

MK25 EVO First Stage:

  • Air balanced flow-through piston in a chrome-plated brass body
  • Patent-pending XTIS (Extended Thermal Insulating System) fully isolates the mechanical elements from the cold, increasing freezing resistance 30 percent over the previous MK25
  • Anti-freeze protection radically increases breathing reliability when diving in the most extreme water temperatures.
  • Two opposing high pressure ports allow the first stage to be positioned either up or down.
  • Five high-flow low pressure ports on a swivel turret maximize hose routing options.
  • Available in either 3364psi/232bar INT or 4350psi/300bar DIN configurations.
  • Weight: INT 232 (oz/g): 27.9/790; DIN 300 (oz/g): 20.1/572.
  • Airflow at 2900psi/200bar: (l/min/SCFM): >8500/301.
  • Intermediate pressure (psi/bar): 130-142/9.0-9.8.

G260 Second Stage:

  • Nylon fiberglass design features SCUBAPRO’s largest second stage casing and diaphragm
  • Metal components, including metal air barrel and metal valve inlet tube, increase resistance to freezing when diving in extreme conditions.
  • High-flow exhaust valve reduces exhalation for better overall breathing comfort.
  • Diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob fine-tunes air delivery to suit personal tastes.
  • Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) dive/pre-dive switch prevents free flows
  • Reversible hose attachment allows you to easily adjust hose routing for tech diving configurations.
  • Super-flow hose features an oversized bore (larger inside hose diameter)
  • Ultra-comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece
  • Weight: 9.7oz/275g.
  • Airflow at 2900psi/200bar: 1800 l/min – 64 SCFM.
  • Maximum low pressure: 203psi/14bar.

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Poseidon Cyklon Metal

Poseidon Cyklon Metal

The side-exhaust Poseidon Cyklon Metal was launched during the Eisenhower administration in 1958, with nonstop updates ever since. Like its sibling the Cyklon Xstream, it can be used on either the left or right side. The Cyklon Metal, with its shiny and matte metalwork and large, black diaphragm end cap gives it a vintage look. In ANSTI testing, the Cyklon scored a rating of very good at recreational depth.

Divers rate the Cycklon highly for ease of breathing and dry breathing in all positions. Despite the metalwork and large diaphragm housing, the second stage is lighter than it looks, making it surprisingly comfortable. It is a surprisingly comfortable regulator for recreational use, with an easy-on the- jaw second stage, a smooth air delivery, and a side exhaust that keeps bubbles out of your face and allows you to use it on the left or right side with no alterations.

Key features:

  • World renowned for its durability
  • The choice of many Navy’s around the world since 1958
  • One of the easiest breathing regulators on the market
  • Approved to EN250 cold water standard
  • Breathes the same regardless of diver position in the water
  • 2nd stage is engineered to be utilized at the divers left or right side
  • Side exhaust for less bubble interference
  • Great for cold water diving
  • All metal durable 2nd stage reduces dry mouth and enhances comfort

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ScubaPro MK25 EVO/A700

The MK25 EVO teamed with Scubapro’s exceptional A700, in the new Black Tech Model offers Superior Ultra-High Airflow System for Maximum Performance in All-Temperatures and Diving-Conditions. Scubapro has been the Leader in the Evolution of piston controlled first stages since the beginning. The MK25 EVO carries on this heritage with an array of patented features ensuring unfailing performance.

Best Regulators (Steven W Smeltzer)


ScubaPro MK25 EVO A700

The MK25EVO is a balanced piston first stage, Scubapro’s absolute top performer. It is a superior regulator thanks to its ultra stable intermediate pressure (IP) resulting in an extremely-punctual and constantly high delivery of air. This means instant airflow at any tank pressure and water temperature for a real carefree dive.

The MK25 EVO/A700 has gotten a makeover with the Black Tech finish, a lustrous coating resistant to abrasion and corrosion. The cool finish and metal diaphragm cover give it a tough, all-business look. The regulator proved capable on the ANSTI machine, where it was rated very good at recreational depth and good to test limits. Divers rated it good for easy, dry breathing regardless of position. The Venturi lever was effective, if a little stiff. Divers will like the swiveling first-stage barrel and five low-pressure ports, which give a wide choice of hose-routing options.

Key Features

  • Superior Ultra-High Airflow System, Maximum Performance in All-Temperatures & Conditions
  • 1’st & 2’nd Stage Body & Housing: Chromed with PVD Black Finished Brass
  • Weight: 38.4oz (1,090g)
  • First-Stage: Scubapro MK25 EVO Black Tech
  • Superior Cold Water Performance Equal to Scubapro’s MK17 First Stage
  • High Performance in Warm and Cold Water
  • Meets New EN250-2014 Requirements
  • CE Approved for 3360psi (230 bars) in Cold Water Conditions
  • Proprietary Insulating Coating On-Key Internal Components
  • Xtreme Thermal Insulating System (XTIS)
  • Air-Balanced Flow-Through Piston Design
  • Balanced Composite/Stainless Steel Flow-Thru-Piston
  • HP Ports: 2
  • LP High Flow (HF) Ports: 5
  • LP Ports Mounted on Swivel Turret Cap for Maximum Hose Routing
  • Second-Stage:
  • Air Balanced Valve Technology
  • Diver-Adjustable Inhalation Effort
  • Diver-Adjustable Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA)
  • High Comfort Orthodontic Mouthpiece
  • Full Metal Case
  • Full Metal Valve Housing
  • Includes Super Flow LP Hose

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*I try to update the prices regularly, but please check links in case prices have changed or for any special offers.

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