All is quiet as the waves gently lap against the hull.  The wind is blowing lightly and we sit in anticipation, watching and waiting.  We know that they are there, beneath the surface, swimming just out of sight.  We see distant plumes of mist as they surface to breath and we wait. There are muted conversations around the boat as we strain to find the light-blue discoloration on the surface of the water that marks their presence. Or look for their tails as they swim on the surface and then dive or search for that plume of mist as they breath.  They are the gentle giants of the ocean.  Magnificent creatures that captivate the imagination.

Humpback Whale breaching, Megaptera novaeangliae. Maui Hawaii (   (949)290-6367)Suddenly just off the port side of the boat, he comes, a magnificent breach, displaying the raw power and agility of this wonderful creature.  He rises swiftly into the air, spins and lands with a thunderous crash.  The boat rocks from the impact of massive body against the surface of the ocean as everyone on the boat loudly exclaims the absolute joy of the moment.  For a brief period of time we are one, sharing a bond, rejoicing together in the day.  It is pure joy. Joy in the day, pleasure in the ability to rise out of the water, to proclaim to the world that I am here and life is worth living.

Seeing a Humpback whale breach almost gives me chills.  There are many theories on why they breach, but the one I subscribe to is that they like it! You can almost see it in the small calf as he tries to rise out of the water or the might adult as he flies out of the water almost screaming with pleasure.  It is definitely a most joyous moment and one I am inclined to believe that these whales really like to breach.  It is fun!





The Humpback Whale is one of the most interesting whales to “watch”.  These giants inhabit many of the worlds oceans.


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