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 Maui ParadiseMaui Paradise looking westward towards Molokai (Steven Smeltzer) Maui sunset looking toward Molokai. Photograph of sunset from along the Kāʻanapali Beach.  In ancient times, the rulers of Maui savored Kāʻanapali as their royal retreat and playground. They liked the perfect stretch of white sand beach, the gentle waves, the ideal weather, and the broad swath of green that swept up the slopes of the rainbow-laced Kahalawai, the West Maui Mountains.
 Blazing Light Cayman SunsetBlazing Lights and Color at Sunset Grand Cayman (Steven Smeltzer) Photo taken from the west side of Grand Cayman off of Seven Mile Beach.  Photo taken in late summer.  The day was marvelous with lots of sun and a few clouds at sunset that combined to make a great photo.
 Sunrise Dana Point Harbor CaliforniaDawn Treader Ship at Anchor in Dana Point Harbor (Steven Smeltzer) Great shot in the morning of tall ship in Dana Point Harbor, California.  Sun just began to rise over the mountains in the east and was “beaming” through the masts.
 Sunset Laguna Niguel CaliforniaCalifornia Sunset, Palms, sky and blazing sun (Steven Smeltzer)  Another terrible day in southern California.  Sunset Laguna Niguel.  Another typical summer evening in California.  Mixture of light clouds and sunshine make for the perfect sunset.
 Caribbean SunsetSunset Grand Cayman from Seven Mile Beach (Steven Smeltzer) Sunset in the Caribbean.  A perfect way to end the day.  This photo is from near Sunset House in Grand Cayman after a great dinner and visiting with friends.  Hey man….no worries…be happy
 Lightning Storm in HaitiLighting Haiti Style, near Port au Prince, Haiti (Steven Smeltzer)  I got this shot during a massive lightning storm in Haiti about two months after the earthquake in 2010.  Two thunderstorms had gone through and the lightning was getting intense but the rain had stopped so I went onto the roof of the building to see if I could get some interesting shots.
 Sunset Maui Hawaii from HaleakalaHawaii Sunset from Haleakala volcano in Maui (Steven Smeltzer)  This is a shot of sunset from the Haleakala volcano on Maui Hawaii.  It is a great drive up to the volcano and is best either at sunrise or sunset.  The photos can be spectacular.
 Sunset KauaiKauai Sunset, brilliant colors at the end of a great day (Steven Smeltzer) Sunset Kauai taken from the Beach House restaurant near Poipu.  This is a great drive place to eat and enjoy the sunset.  You can also hike for the day at the world’s highest rainforest and then relax and enjoy some great food and unforgettable sunsets along the beach.
 Liquid Fire Sunset Grand CaymanSunset in Grand Cayman from Westin on Seven Mile Beach (Steven Smeltzer) Almost any night in late July/August in the Caribbean provide awesome sunsets.  This is taken from a sunset sail with friends off the coast of Georgetown in Grand Cayman.  Where life slows down and you can take time to notice and appreciate the little things in life.
 Sunset Maui – Red Sky at Night Sailors DelightMaui Sunset on the west side looking toward Lanai (Steven Smeltzer)  We were strolling along the beach in Maui near Lahaina and the water and the sky turned to red.  It was a spectacular sight.
 Sunrise Zurich – Morning CrewMorning Crew Rows Across Lake Zurich Switzerland (Steven Smeltzer) Winter mornings in Zurich are outstanding.  The sun was just starting to rise and a number of “crews” were out on the calm waters to get in a little exercise before starting the day.  Great place to get up early take a walk by the lake and have some great European coffee.
 Sunset Palo Duro Canyon TexasPalo Duro Canyon North Rim at Sunset (Steven Smeltzer) Palo Duro Canyon is one of the best kept secrets in the United States.  A beautiful canyon (not quite Grand Canyon scale) with lots of color in the walls and since it is in the panhandle of Texas it is at a higher elevation and tends to have wonderful sunsets.  Great mix of reds, yellows, golds, purples and more.  Don’t miss this if you are in the Amarillo, Texas area.
 Pirates – Sunset Grand CaymanPirate Ship at Sunset Grand Cayman (Steven Smeltzer) Argghhh matey….We saw pirates on the horizon just as the sun was beginning to set.  Fortunately it is a replica operating out of Grand Cayman and only full of tourists.
 Sunrise over Dana Point HarborSunrise Over Dana Point California Harbor (Steven Smeltzer) Mornings in Dana Point can be spectacular.  This shot of the harbor at sunrise is one of my favorites.  I love getting up in the morning and taking a cup of coffee to the cliffs overlooking the harbor and watching the sun rise.  Perfect start to another perfect day.
 Sunrise – Sea Wall Dana Point California

Sunrise Over the Sea Wall Dana Point California (Steven Smeltzer)



 The sea wall at Dana Point provides some great shots in the morning.  This was a perfectly calm morning in April.  The ocean swells were almost non-existent with light winds and a temperature of about 55 degrees.
 Sunrise Lake ZurichSunrise Lake Zurich Switzerland (Steven Smeltzer) Lake Zurich sunrise.  If you are in Zurich you have to take a tram down to the lake (#5 works well) and get off by the ferry dock.  Walk out to the end and enjoy the sunrise.  It is crisp in the winters and maybe a little icy, but well worth the effort no matter what time of the year you go.  In winter sunrise is after 7:30 am and in the summer time it can be as early as 5:30 so plan accordingly and bring a good cup of coffee.
 Hand of God – Sunset Grand Cayman (Steven Smeltzer) I was walking along the beach and noticed the sun looked like it was sitting in a hand.  I thought how appropriate knowing how God hold all of creation and all of us in His hand every day.
 Sunset Grand CaymanClouds at Sunset Grand Cayman from Seven Mile Beach (Steven Smeltzer) The end of another terrible day in paradise.  If you have not been to Grand Cayman you should think about going.  Great diving, great food, great beaches and beach activities, safe environment, good music, and a wonderful way to unwind.
 Sunset Maui – Beach and PalmsSunset seen from the Hyatt Beach, Maui Hawaii (Steven Smeltzer)  Another great sunset from Maui.  This is taken near the Hyatt hotel just north of Lahaina.  Perfect place to enjoy a luau and take a stroll along the beach.
 Sunset Sail – Grand CaymanSunset Cruise, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman (Steven Smeltzer)  When in the Cayman islands you have to go on a sunset sail.  The leeward side of the islands are great for calm seas and great views of the sunset.  This is taken from just off Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman.
 Sunset – Seven Mile Beach Grand CaymanShip at Anchor off Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman (Steven Smeltzer) Sunset from Seven Mile Beach.  Many of the local dive company boats are sitting just off shore and make for great photos against the setting sun.
 Sunset Stroll – Seven Mile Beach Grand CaymanRomantic Stroll Along Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman (Steven Smeltzer) Grand Cayman, the name means romance.  Beautiful sunsets, warm waters, great food, what better place to spend with someone you love.  A stroll at sunset is great for setting the mood.
 End of another Glorious day – Seven Mile Beach Grand CaymanSunset Stroll Along Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman (Steven Smeltzer)  Just think you could be back at the office….instead you are taking a late evening walk on the beach…
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