Hawaiian Dive Site Reviews

Dive Site Reviews of selected scuba diving sites from around Hawaii. Reviews provide an overview of the dive site, a look at what you will expect to find on the dive site including photographs taken on the sites. The reviews also provide a rating covering several aspects of the dive including:

  1. Access
  2. Depth
  3. Visibility
  4. Current
  5. Marine Species Variety
  6. Reef Health

Click on any of the sites below to read the complete review or go to Hawaii Dive Site Listings for the complete list of dive sites in Hawaii.  See Dive Site Reviews for information on ratings.


Dive Site Rating
Garden Eel Cove 3.50
Golden Arches 3.00
Lone Tree Arch 3.16
Manta Ray Dive 4.50
Sukem Up Cavern 3.16


Dive Site Rating
First Cathedrals 3.75
Sergeant Major 3.30


Dive Site Rating
Black Rock 2.75
Carthaginian II 3.59
Five Caves 3.00
Mala Pier 4.33
Molokini Crater 3.75


Dive Site Rating
Fish Rain 4.78

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