Hawaiian Dive Sites Green Sea Turtle, Maui HawaiiThe table below contains a complete listing of major Hawaiian dive sites from the big island of Hawaii to Kauai and Maui as well as the other islands . There are a number of great scuba diving sites all around the Hawaiian Islands.  From the incredible Manta Ray dive off the coast of Kona to the awe inspiring Hammerhead dive off of Molokai.  You can hear Humpbacks singing underwater from December to April and you may, if you are extremely lucky, have a Humpback share part of your dive with you.

When you are considering Hawaiian Dive Sites and scheduling your trip, the most important aspect from my perspective, is your level of diving expertise and your goals for diving in Hawaii.  There are some great dives in Hawaii, but some of these are only recommended for advanced divers.  There are enough dive sites for anyone to enjoy, so just make sure to read about the sites you intend to visit and then plan accordingly.  There are some great drift dives, some amazing crazy adventure dives and then many, many dives suitable for all levels of divers that have great varieties of marine life

Remember when you are diving in Hawaii, you are diving in cooler water, so the corals will be hard corals and look very different from those of the warm Caribbean.  However, these corals and reefs are just as alive and if you take the time to explore you will find some great examples of bio-diversity and a few sites that will blow your mind.  I have also provided a rating for each of the Hawaiian dive sites where I have enough information to provide a reasonable rating.  View my dive site rating system for more information on how I have developed the ratings.

Visit Hawaiian Dive Sites for reviews and information on selected dive sites.

Location Name Depth Access Rating
Maui Hawaii 7 Pools 60ft / 18m Shore
Back Wall 130-160ft /39-48m
Baldwin Beach 60ft / 18m Shore
Big Beach 30ft / 9m Shore
Black Rock 25-30 ft / 7-9m
Carthaginian II 90ft / 27m Boat
Cemetery 20ft / 6m Shore
Coral Gardens 35ft / 11m Boat
D.T. Flemming Beach 30ft / 9m Shore
Dragon Reef 25-70 ft / 7-21m
Enenue 50-120 ft / 15-36m
F-6-F Hellcat 30 ft / 9m
Five Caves/Graves 20-50 feet Boat / Shore
Haleki’i Point 60ft / 18m Shore
Haloa Point 50ft / 15m Shore
Hana Bay 50ft / 15m Shore
Hidden Pinnacle 120 ft / 36m
Honokohau Bay 50ft / 15m Boat / Shore
Honolua Bay 35ft / 11m Boat / Shore
Hononana Bay 50ft / 15m Shore
Hyatt/Marriott Reef 50 feet Boat
Inside Crater 10-60 feet Boat
Kahakuloa Bay 70ft / 21m Shore
Kahawaihapapa Point 160ft / 49m Boat / Shore
Kahekili Beach 20ft / 6m Shore
Kamaole Beach Parks 25ft / 8m Shore
Kapalua Bay & Beach 45ft / 14m Shore
Ke’anae Peninsula 60ft / 18m Shore
La Perouse Bay 50ft / 15m Shore
Lookout 40ft / 12m Shore
Makena Beach 30ft / 9m Shore
Makule’ia Bay 40ft / 12m Shore
Mala Pier 45ft / 13m Shore
Maliko Bay 60ft / 18m Shore
Manu’ohule 50ft / 15m Shore
Marty’s Reef 60ft / 18m Boat
McGregor Point 50ft / 15m Shore
Mokolea Point 110ft / 33m Shore
Molokini Crater 110ft / 33m Boat
Nahiku 60ft / 18m Shore
Nakalele Point 150ft / 45m Boat / Shore
Napili Bay 30ft / 9m Shore
Nu’u Bay 45ft / 14m Shore
Olowalu 35ft / 11m Boat / Shore
Pauwela Point 50ft / 15m Shore
Puu Koae 100ft / 48m Boat
Reef’s End 100ft / 30m Boat
Shark Ledges 160ft / 48m Boat
The Tubes 40ft / 12m Boat
Ulua & Mokapu Beach 35ft / 11m Boat / Shore
Wai’anapanapa 50ft / 15m Shore
Wailea & Polo Beach 50ft / 15m Boat / Shore
Lanai 1st Cathedral 45-60 feet Boat
2nd Cathedral 15-65 feet Boat
Armchair Boat
Barge Harbor Boat
Fish Rock 15-70 feet Boat / Shore
Houlopo’e/Manele Bay 20-35 feet Shore
Lighthouse Reef Boat
Menpachi Caves Boat
Monolith 15-70 feet Boat
Other Boat
Pyramids 40-80 feet Boat
Sargent Major 15-50 feet Boat
Sargent Minor 15-50 feet Boat
Shark Fin 25-90 feet Boat
Turtle Haven 60ft / 18m Boat
Wash Rock 65 feet Boat
Oahu 100ft Hole 70-160 feet Boat
Black Rock / Ulua Cave 40-90 feet Boat
Blow Hole 20-60 feet Shore / Boat
Corsair Plane 107 feet Boat
Devils Rock 70 feet Boat
Dominique’s Wall 35-95 feet Boat
Electric Beach 10 – 30ft Shore
Ewa Pinnacles 50-80 feet Boat
Fantasy Reef 40-60 feet Boat / Shore
Hanauma Bay 15 -70 feet Shore
Ka’ena Point 20-45 feet Boat
Kahala Barge 80 feet Boat / Shore
Kahuku Ledge 70-160 ft Boat
Kahuna Canyon 35-100 feet Boat
Keaau Corner 35-70 feet Boat / Shore
Kewalo Pipe 40 feet Boat
Lanai Lookout 107 feet Shore
Land Of OZ 20-70 feet Boat / Shore
Makaha Caverns 30 – 45 feet Boat / Shore
Makapu’u Point 45 feet Boat / Shore
Makua Valley Ridge 33-45 feet Shore
Manana “Rabbit” Island 40-80 feet Boat / Shore
Mokolea 35-70 feet Boat / Shore
Moku Manu 90 feet Boat
Mole Heaven 60 feet Shore
Pearl Harbor Wall 5 -60 feet Boat / Shore
Police Beach 15-85 feet Boat
Rainbow Reef And Magic Island 20 – 60ft Shore
Sea Cave 40-80 feet Boat / Shore
Sea Tiger 80 – 120 feet Boat
Seaplane Wreck 90-110 feet Boat
Sharks Cove 15-60 feet Shore
Tech Reef 10 – 25 feet Shore
The Mahi 70-95 ft Boat
Three Tables 20-45ft Shore
Turtle Canyon / Koko Craters 30-40 feet Boat
Turtle Heaven 10-100 feet Boat / Shore
Turtle Street 25-30 feet Shore
Unnamed Reef 60-70 feet Boat / Shore
Waialua Wall 10-80 feet Boat / Shore
Waimea Wall 25-60 feet Boat / Shore
Y0-257 80-100 feet Boat
Molokai Fish Bowl 40-60 feet Boat
Fish Rain 100ft / 30.5m Boat
The Cove / Fish Cove 20-100 feet Boat
Hole In The Wall 20-120 feet Boat
Mokuhooniki Rock / Elephant Rock 90-100 feet Boat
Kauai Ahukini Landing 160ft / 49m Shore
Blue Bluffs 110ft / 33m Boat
Brennecke’s Ledge 50ft / 15m Boat
Dragon’s Head 45ft / 14m Boat
Fast Lanes 50ft / 15m Boat
Fishbowl 80ft / 8m Boat
General Store 35ft / 11m Boat
Icebox 55ft / 17m Boat
Ke’e Lagoon 80ft / 24m Shore
Keyhole 60ft / 18m Boat
Lehua Gardens 50ft / 15m Boat
Luckenbach 60ft / 18m Shore
Mana Crack 95ft / 29m Boat
Niihau Arches 60ft / 18m Boat
Oceanarium 130ft / 40m Boat
PK 50ft / 15m Shore
Pyramid Point 60ft / 18m Boat
Sheraton Caverns 30ft / 9m Boat
South Point 60ft / 18m Boat
Stairway To Heaven 50ft / 15m Boat
Turtle Bluffs 50ft / 15m Boat
Vertical Awareness 50ft / 15m Boat
Big Island Hawaii ‘Au ‘Au Crater 130ft / 40m Boat
Black Coral Forest 130ft / 40m Boat
Chimney 70ft / 21m Boat
Coral Domes 80ft / 24m Boat
Driftwoods 80ft / 24m Boat
Fantasy Reef 50ft / 15m Boat
Frog Rock 60ft / 18m Boat
Golden Arches 60ft / 18m Boat
Hammerhead Point 100ft / 33m Boat / Shore
Henry’s Cave 65ft / 20m Boat
Horseshoe Bay 60ft / 18m Boat
Kaiwi Point 130ft / 40m Boat
Kiholo Bay 115ft / 15m Boat
Ledges 130ft / 40m Boat
Leleiwi 70ft / 21m Shore
Long Lava Tube 50ft / 15m Boat
Mahai’ula 130ft / 40m Boat
Mahi Reef 60ft / 18m Boat
Makalawena 50ft / 15m Boat
Manta Ray Village 40ft / 12m Boat
Manuka Bay 100ft / 33m Boat
Milemarker 4 60ft / 18m Shore
Milolii 90ft / 27m Boat
Old Airport 60ft / 18m Boat / Shore
Pentagon 30ft / 9m Boat
Pinetrees 100ft / 33m Boat
Poho’iki 100ft / 30m Shore
Puako 90ft / 27m Boat / Shore
Puhi Bay 60ft / 18m Shore
Punalu’u 60ft / 18m Shore
Richardson Beach 20ft / 6m Shore
Robs Reef/Twin Sisters 100ft / 33m Boat
Ruddles 45ft / 14m Boat
Sharkies Cove 50ft / 15m Boat
South Wall 70ft / 21m Boat
Suck-em-Up Caverns 60ft / 18m Boat / Shore
Three Room Cave 80ft / 24m Boat
Turtle Pinnacle 60ft / 18m Boat
Waialea Bay 35ft / 11m Boat / Shore
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